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Pikas Stone was founded in 2006 to quarry and provide quartzite flag stones & slates from Turkey. We have expanded the product line dramatically in time through flexible & pro-active business mentality within our own capacity and with the tremendous support and commitment of our loyal customers. We specialize in producing and/or trading many different types of stones, such as travertine, marble, limestone, basalt, onyx, quartzite etc. to meet customers’ demands. We focus on: Dimensional stone blocks, tiles, pavers, slabs and mosaics, sinks & bathtubs, flag stones We provide the most dependable stones and high valued service to our international customers by having well established connections and professional inspection teams. We are dedicated to achieving customers’ satisfaction through: Extending our remarkable natural stone knowledge, Capable of offering the most appropriate stones from Turkey Ability to reach different sources and materials, Regarding our customer concerns and priorities, Supplying reliable products from dependable suppliers network, Concentrating on specific needs of our customers, Our ability to communicate all necessary matters on time, Guaranteeing quality by proven expertise, Being open to exploring new stones and following innovations in stone technology
Country: Turkey

Paris Fair Stands is a company which is founded to respond all the requirements encountered in the developing fair sector and continuing on this road with performance. We decided to resolve the requirements of the fair exhibitors from one hand in Turkey. These services are; renting fair area in Turkey, fair stand construction in Turkey, hostess and interpreter needs in Turkey , renting fair equipment in Turkey, supply of display stands and other fair organization requirements in Turkey. We have gathered all these relational services with modern and fast design team, professional production and execution crew, educated customer relation team and hard working concepts in the name of Paris Fair Stands. In the end we had a portfolio of happy and friendly customers. To be a happy and friendly customer and to experience an exhibition with out problems are the reasons to choose Paris Fair Stands...
Country: Turkey