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We are a quarry owner. We own and operate 3 large scale marble quarries in Turkey. All these are very popular quarries for our partners. Our marble blocks are preferred by long term project companies, builders and construction companies in Far East. We have been supplying our blocks for large and long term projects especially in Middle East and Far East. We have been taken a part in well-known and reputable hotel and residential projects. We have powerful references in strong projects in China. References are available upon request. Our current marble quarries are; 1. Super Moon Cream (Deva Beige) a. In Korkuteli, Antalya, Turkey i. Right now this quarry has a tight schedule and we cannot promise on this one. 2. Cosmos Beige (Cream) a. In Elmali, Antalya, Turkey (Similar to Sofia Beige, we are at the same mountain) 3. Light Emperador a. In Bursa, Turkey In addition to above quarries we have, 2 more brand new marble quarries scheduled to be open within this year under Deva Group. These are; a. Dark Beige in Korkuteli, Antalya, Turkey (New quarry, will be open by September 2010) b. Light Beige / Cream in Elmali, Antalya, Turkey (New quarry, will be open before the year 2011). You can see some of current images related our own quarries and projects in China on the attachment. So far, we have strong and good references on this field. And upon request we can direct you one of reference in China.
Country: Turkey

Our Company has been specialized on compact laminate fašade cladding systems; on supply and on applications as well as on distributing trade for 20 years. We supply cladding products for commercial and public sector projects and provide the very highest standards in terms of technical design, engineering, performance longevity and aesthetics with more than 350.000 m2 exterior applications and 150.000 m2 interior applications in Turkey as well in the other countries such as Russia, Turkmenistan and Kırghzistan. We have a vast experience not only on sales but also on applications.
Country: Turkey