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sunroom installation Company

Design, construction and installation of wide range of sunspaces, skylights, awnings and spas. Imagine having the benefits of a large conventional pool in an easy to install mini-version. You can swim gently in place, without turning, or against a swift current and then relax in one of the two jetted hydrotherapy seats. Hydropool Swim Spas are fun and safe for all ages. Shallow enough for most children and non-swimmers yet deep enough to satisfy the most serious swimmer, jogger or water aerobics enthusiast. All Hydropool swim spas are shipped pre-plumbed and can be easily installed by anyone with basic handyman skills. They can be installed easily into any backyard or solarium. Considerably smaller than conventional pools, the Hydropool swim spa requires less chemicals and maintenance and leaves more room for swing-sets, gazebos or family entertaining.
Country: Canada