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Ancient Modern Finishes offers exclusive wall finishes and surfacing materials that are pure works of art. Our guiding principal it has to be beautiful! We provide samples and unique finishes for interior designers and homeowners. We offer the most unique architectural products, which are not only beautiful, but offer design solutions to otherwise ignored and unattractive elements in interiors. From vinyl to mother of pearl, these wall finishes and surface materials combine their inherent beauty with the most advance production methods.
Country: United States

EMA Consulting Engineers, Inc is a structural & forensic engineering firm located in Florida. EMA provide structural engineering, Forensic Engineering, structural inspections, construction inspections, special inspections, structural peer review, building collapse analysis, building defects. EMA also provides Infrared Inspections, infrared building inspections, infrared roof inspections, thermal imaging, thermal imaging inspections, thermography, electrical infrared inspections, thermography, heat loss infrared inspections, roof leak infrared inspections, moisture intrusion infrared inspections, moisture intrusion thermal imaging surveys, flat roof infrared scans,hurricane damage assessment studies.
Country: United States

The Forge family, its owners, provide a history, plan and photographs of this 14th-century quadrangular castle at Hythe in Kent. Story of its conservation. Westenhanger Castle's illustrious past is long gone and largely forgotten but by promoting it as a commercial enterprise it is hoped that it will become a more prominent part of Kent's past, present and future that will be enjoyed by many. We have a full calendar of events which we invite you to attend.