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marine canvas Company

Sugar House Awning was founded in 1941 by Walter O. Peterson. Immediately thereafter the United States of America found itself involved in a great war effort. Because of wartime priorities and rationing, industrial fabrics were just about impossible to locate and buy. To keep the business afloat, it was decided to take on a line of high quality Sherwin Williams paints to supplement the awning business. The business was known as Sugar House Awning and Paint Company until we moved into a new facility in 1973, at which time the paint business was discontinued. In June of 2000, we finally out grew Sugar House and relocated to a new facility in Midvale, where the larger area and easier access will help us better serve our customers for years to come. In the early days, awnings were strictly made to shade the windows of homes, apartment buildings and businesses. As time went on however, awnings became almost as much a decorator item as a utilitarian product. Today, awnings are being used more and more as a business' main identifier, especially the lighted models available.
Country: United States