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SMD / LED Lighting Specialist Saving You Money and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Ronfell are suppliers of energy efficient SMD LED lighting systems, including shatterproof lighting, airfield lighting, site lighting, architectural lighting and party / festoon lights. Bespoke Rubber Manufacturer Technical Expertise and Professional Service Ronfell Ltd are manufacturers of bespoke rubber mouldings and extrusions including flame retardant rubber and food grade rubber. We are also a leading supplier of vehicle and aircraft wheel chocks and dock / loading bay accessories. Components To supplement or core business of lighting and rubber Ronfell Ltd also supply air cooled jackets, Night Vision Equipment and we are also the UK importer of B&W equipment cases and tool cases.

As a leading manufacturer of lighting products, it is TEDDICO's goal to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices - backed by the highest level of commitment and service available in this industry. We provide a broad range of electrical fittings and weatherproof products to the market, and are committed to total customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding expectations for quality, on-time delivery, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. The vision of TEDDICO is to achieve this by being more responsive, more flexible, faster, easier and more profitable to do business with than our competitors. Every element of our on-going business strategies will be aimed at accomplishing this vision.
Country: United States

Bell Lighting's story began when the founders Dale and Karen Bellavance, saw the need for highly efficient HID light fixtures. After extensive research into the lighting industry they concluded that hundreds of man-hours and many thousands of research dollars had been spent on the development of high performance, multi-spectrum, energy efficient light bulbs. Yet the technology of the fixture itself had lagged far behind the intensive lighting capabilities of the HID bulb in collecting and delivering the light to a given area. Since 1993, when the founders first established the goal of developing the world's most efficient HID lighting fixture, independently tested in 4 countries around the world, Bell Lighting Technologies Inc. has been on the leading edge of innovative design and advanced production techniques. Bell Lighting has further enhanced its leading position in HID light delivery by signing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement's with Venture Lighting Power Systems, Philips Lighting, and OSRAM Sylvania. Bell Lighting occupies a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Victoria, Canada. Within this facility we manufacture innovative products for distribution throughout Canada, the United States and a rapidly increasing number of other countries throughout the world.
Country: Canada