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The magazine for the aggregates industry, serving producers of crushed stone, sand and gravel, non-metalic minerals, portland cement and ready-mixed concrete, with useful technical advice available online.
Country: United States

Makes trucks (24 ton), self-powered trailers (37 ton), with side tipping bodies, dolly to form multi-unit roadtrains (to 300 ton), to haul mine ore, supplies, other freight, at low cost per ton mile. Queensland, Australia. Powertrans designs and manufactures in Australia a range of innovative mining haulage systems, offering lower-cost, higher-productivity alternatives to conventional large mining trucks for the mining industry. The Powertrans concept is based around its patented Powertrailer™system, which allows two powered trailers, in addition to the prime mover, to be placed within a “road train” combination to haul loads of greater than 500 tonnes.
Country: Australia