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Blocked Drains unblocked in Gambia,toilets,sinks etc...Waterholes,hotels If your drain is persistantly slow ,you should get an engineer to inspect this before the problem escalates ,causing flooding , smells, water damage etc. In some cases we will perform a CCTV drain Survey to identify the origin of your problem ,and excavate if necessary. We cater for :Blocked drains, Drain Jetting, Drain Clearance, Septic tanks, Drain Cameras, Drain repairs, Drain Lining, Patch lining, Pipe relining, Sewer pipes, Civil engineering, Excavating, Sinks and toilets. Our UK trained staff will respond to all emergencies within 2 hours maximum. For domestic ,commercial and all hotel drain maintenance in Gambia.
Country: Gambia

Here at Gambia Builders we have all the resources for building a home in the Gambia.When buying your land it is imperative to use a registered estate agent (contact us we can supply a list) * Don't be fooled into false ownership, we can give expert advice. Now that you have legally purchased your land, you must by law build a Boundary Fence. Usually Blocks and Mortar for the best compound fence. We provide this service. We have British as well as local labour.
Country: Gambia