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Building Materials, Construction Materials, Cement, Manufacturing, Civil Construction, Flyash, Cement Rendering, Concrete Products, Packaged Cement Products, Minerals, Lime Products - Blue Circle Southern Cement is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of Cement Products.
Country: Australia

Engineers of custom mechanical ash handling systems for fly ash and bottom ash. AshTech has engineered and supplied custom mechanical ash handling systems on every type of solid fueled utility and industrial power generating facility...including the largest and most advanced facilities of their type.
Country: United States

Information about fly ash, coal combustion products and coal combustion byproducts that are used in concrete products. The Western Region Ash Group is an informal association of producers, users, regulators, researchers and others interested in coal combustion products (CCPs). These materials include fly ash, bottom ash and flue gas desulfurization residues. Members are involved in reuse of CCPs including researching new applications or making others aware of the many uses of these versatile products.
Country: United States