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Fly Ash Companies

The leader in Integrated Mechanical Ash Handling Systems,Chain Conveyor Systems and Mixer-Unloader Systems AshTech has engineered and supplied custom mechanical ash handling systems on every type of solid fueled utility and industrial power generating facility...including the largest and most advanced facilities of their type.
Country: United States

Supplies a versatile, lightweight aggregate produced from fly ash that is used in the production of low density concrete. LYTAG is a versatile, lightweight aggregate produced from pulverised fuel ash (PFA), a by-product of coal-burning power stations. LYTAG provides an excellent alternative to natural, quarried aggregate, being strong, light and consistent. Due to its particular and varied attributes, Lytag is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Covering production, marketing and utilization of concrete with in-depth articles on plant operations, equipment, material technology and construction markets. Concrete Products serves ready mixed and manufactured-concrete producers. We report on material and equipment technology, along with legislative, regulatory and economic developments shaping the major construction market segments residential and non-residential building, plus non-building (transportation and environmental infrastructure). Concrete Products is the oldest commercial title in concrete.
Country: United States