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Radmix is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Steel and Synthetic fibres and has manufacturing partners located throughout the world, providing a global ordering network. Radmix™ product is utilised by such leading companies as BASF, BHP and Rio Tinto for a diverse range of medium to large scale construction projects worldwide. Radmix is a company that specialises in providing turnkey solutions in the manufacturing and technology of steel and synthetic fibres. It's aim is to establish a network of successful partners worldwide to supply its cost effective Fibre product. Radmix™ Partners will be provided a Turnkey Fibre Plant Solution utilising advanced Radmix Machinery. Designed and built under Radmix specifications, the Radmix Fibre Machines can produce synthetic fibres as well as either slit sheet, wire or stainless steel fibres. These fibres can also be manufactured at different shapes and sizes to suit industry needs. We also have complemented this state-of-the-art technology with Radmix designed and built disbursing and parallel packing machines.
Country: Australia

Elasto-plastic is a term used in engineering to describe a material that has the same load carrying capacity throughout the deformation process. It is our belief that the future of concrete reinforcement and concrete reinforcing exists in alternatives to steel that are safe-to-use, corrosion free and provide an elasto-plastic engineering response. Research has demonstrated that our Barchip structural synthetic reinforcing fiber technology is an effective replacement for steel fibres and welded wire mesh reinforcement. Barchip fibres improve concrete ductility, toughness, crack control, fire resistance and long term durability.
Country: Singapore

Suppliers of lime putties, ready mixed mortars, St. Astier hydraulic lime, hair and fibers, pozzolans, lath and wattle, washes, and paints used in historic Irish dwellings. We are providers of lime putties, natural hydraulic limes, lime washes, natural paints and general traditional building materials. We also provide a consultancy service on all aspects of building conservation and restoration.
Country: Ireland