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ergonomic workstation Company

For more than 75 years, American Lifts has produced products unsurpassed in versatility and stability. From hydraulic lifts for the most sophisticated warehouse applications to tilters that easily handle up to 50,000 pounds, the complete line of products can be customized to fit individual needs. In today’s competitive environments, companies cannot withstand disruptions in the flow of their products, and American Lifts provides equipment to keep products moving. Systems are designed with the worker in mind, so ergonomics plays a vital role in each part of the American Lifts offering. For maximum value and quality, American Lifts offers a full product range including: * Tork Lifts * Turntables * Palletizers * Tilt Stations * Air Cargo Lifts * Work Stations * Travel Lifts * Compact Lifts * Dock Lifts * Tilt Lifts * Single Arm Lifts * Double Arm Lifts * Air Lifts * Tilters * Zero Clearance Lifts
Country: United States