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Control Painting is electrostatic painting company dedicated to serving residential and commercial clients in ontario. Our painters complete your metal refinishing on site, revitalizing old metal storefronts, machinery, doors, railing, and metal furniture with a factory smooth, like-new finish.
Country: Canada

COLOR TECH ELECTROSTATIC may be the most valuable asset your company has. In an age when Appearances Count and Image is Everything, COLOR TECH provides an Immediate Solution to the problem of Professional Image. The SOLUTION we provide is PAINT, and we apply it without a mess, during the Day, Overnight, or Over the Weekend, "On Your Premises With No Interruption To Your Normal Business Routine." We are essentially a "Fast Service Imaging Company," specializing in the electrostatic application of coatings that give your company a smart new appearance. COLOR TECH ELECTROSTATIC has been in business in the Tampa Bay area since 1986, evolving from "Wander Brothers," of New York City, established in 1948. We are Finishers of the new metal and Re-finishers of the old.
Country: United States