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AJF Custom Homes, an Arizona custom home builder located in the beautiful "Valley of the Sun". We at AJF believe that your custom home should truly reflect who you are and how you live your life. If you're a first time home buyer or upgrading to accomodate a changing lifestyle or growing family, look to AJF Custom Homes, a premier Arizona custom home builder.
Country: United States

ACC, being a company as private works to raise the standard of living by providing quality output and focused research work in relevant field. Specifically it emphasizes to develop and strengthen local communities through dialogues and multiple fruitful activities. It consists of a dedicated and energetic team that provides proactive service in every step of production. ACC believes in maintaining quality and providing standard of living to the nation. ACC has engraved a new dimension for the flood affected souls to compose their thoughts, align their directions, and stand up to strive for themselves and begin a new era of practical knowledge. The project of 120 schools successfully achieved by ACC is a landmark for the nation to pursue and to build a literate generation.
Country: Pakistan

Salamah Construction was founded several years ago by the Engineer Mazen Salamah with the objective of providing the best engineering services in and around Jordan. Even years later, the company still stands behind this claim. All Salamah Construction employees strictly believe in our motto: The more challenging the work, the more motivated we are. We consistently work on improving our service so that we can find the best solution for our customers. Regardless of whether you need a detailed plan for an Apartment Building or would like to build a Home. Salamah Construction is your reliable partner for all your civil engineering needs. Our many years of experience in this industry have provided us with many long-term business relationships which we continuously cultivate. Due to these good relationships and our desire to continuously improve ourselves, we have been a flourishing company for many years, which now provides its employees with job security.
Country: Jordan

Delivering Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Interior Design news and analysis from Canada and around the world.
Country: Canada

Waycon Precast Limited supplies modular, pre-cast concrete lift shafts according to the Patent Number GB 2363110. The proprietary system and associated know how has been developed to overcome problems that are frequently encountered when lift mechanicals are installed in lift shafts constructed by conventional methods. Manufacturers of pre-cast concrete lift shafts which enable off-site construction. Contains news, recent projects, and product dimensions.

The founders of the Company (Italian - Afghan Construction Ltd.), Mr. Alberto Bacchi Italian and Mr. Abdul Salam Raofi Afghan were in business together from 2003 when at that time the Afghan Company Bame Dunya (Abdul Salam President) was already operating in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Only in 2007 the personal and friendly business relation between Mr. Bacchi and Mr. Abdul Salam resulted in legal Company founded in Tajikistan. This relationship united the financial and administration experience of Mr. Bacchi A. and the commercial and techinal experience of Mr. Abdul Salam. The Company can reach his development in any sector only with combination of four factors: Financial Capability Construction Equipments Technical Staff with prove experience High Quality of the works done The Company has these Resources
Country: Tajikistan

A curtain wall company that does design/engineering and fabrication of custom curtain walls.
Country: United States

Leading the industry, globally, A.C.E. manufactures safety films and security laminates for existing window applications and new construction in government buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses, homes, vacation properties, and vehicles. We provide a cost effective means to protect your most important possessions, your family, friends, employees, and property.
Country: United States

Republic Doors and Frames has a long history as one of the nation's leading manufacturers of commercial steel doors and frames, beginning in the early 1900's under the name Truscon Steel Company in Youngstown, Ohio. Truscon Steel manufactured steel doors, as well as a wide variety of other steel products, and became a major customer for Republic Steel. In 1931, Republic Steel purchased Truscon and continued to sell products under the Truscon name until the early 1960's. In late 1974, Republic Builders Products Corporation was born as a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Steel Corporation. Construction of the current manufacturing plant in McKenzie, Tennessee, was completed in 1977, and in 1978, the corporate offices were moved from Atlanta, Georgia to McKenzie. Desco Capital Partners purchased the door and frame division from Republic Steel in 1985. After being purchased by Magnatrax Corporation in 1999, Republic was reacquired by Desco in late 2003. In early 2004, Desco also acquired Windsor Door, a major manufacturer of garage doors and related products, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. In order to capitalize on the resources of both companies, Republic and Windsor were merged to form Windsor Republic Doors. Republic doors and frames are marketed in all 50 states and in several foreign countries through a network of stocking distributors and company owned service centers. Republic is committed to not only providing the best door in the industry but also to supporting its customers with dependable delivery and exceptional service.
Country: United States

DCM-Solutions is a Thailand construction contractors company, a professional Thai builder contractor construction company constructs hotels, villas, condominiums, hotels, resorts, apartments, factory, airport construction contractor projects in Bangkok Phuket Thailand.
Country: Thailand