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Keane Monroe Corporation was founded on September 8, 1976. Keane Monroe Corporation bought the Norton Automatic Door Operator product line from Eaton Corporation, which had been in business prior to the acquisition for more than 18 years. Eaton sold this product line in order to divest itself from a somewhat alien product line. The company assumed possession of one of Eaton's manufacturing plants in Monroe, North Carolina. During the next 19 years, Keane Monroe Corporation made numerous technological improvements in its products and developed new products creating a unique line of automatic swing door operators. In November 1995, KM Systems, Inc. was established to acquire the assets of the Keane Monroe Corporation. KM Systems hired all of the employees and continued production of all products of Keane Monroe. The products are sold under the Keane Monroe brand name. General Information About KM Systems We are one of the premier manufacturers of automated entrance systems in North America. Our United States based international presence provides you with a significant benefit as a result of our world wide sales & service network.
Country: United States