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Manufacturer of products for waterproofing, preservation and protection of concrete and masonry. SINAK Corporation is well known for its unique line of products for the protection of concrete and masonry. The products range from waterproofing, vapor emission, and alkalinity control to a high-performance Graffiti.
Country: United States

The manufacturer of air-entraining additives provides information on products and their usage. From Austria. Berolan air-entraining admixtures are characterised by high efficiency. They produce a very fine, stable air void system. A special characteristic of the Berolan products is dust-free filling of the storage vessels. BEROLAN offers a special service: custom-formulated compounds. Compounds can be custom-formulated to meet your exact performance requirements. The sequence of the mixing process can be defined by the customer. As a consequence the effeciency of the additives can be improved and possibly quantities required can be reduced. However these special mixtures will be produced only starting from a quantity of 5 tons.
Country: Austria

Manufactures adhesives, hardeners, grouts, colors, and sealers for the concrete construction industry. Lambert Corporation: Manufacturer of Concrete Construction Products. Synopsis: We manufacture support products designed for use by the national and international concrete construction industry.
Country: United States