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Manufactures adhesives, hardeners, grouts, colors, and sealers for the concrete construction industry. Lambert Corporation: Manufacturer of Concrete Construction Products. Synopsis: We manufacture support products designed for use by the national and international concrete construction industry.
Country: United States

Manufactures floor hardeners, bonding agents, admixtures and waterproofing compounds for concrete. Based in Pakistan. Mitchell Construction Chemicals, since its inception at Karachi (Pakistan) in 1961, has been striving to provide quality products, solutions and services to the building and construction industry. Serving the Pakistani market for over four decades now, the company today takes pride in having expanded its business operations around Pakistan. Mitchell Construction Chemicals offers its valuable customers and associates a unique blend of perfection and professionalism in the manufacturing and marketing of construction chemicals and other specialized materials for the building and construction industry. All products labeled Mitchell enjoy a high end of constancy, consistency and compliance with international standards and are offered to the customers as cost effective and competitive solutions.\
Country: Pakistan

Manufactures and supplies products that restore and protect concrete and masonry structures. The Euclid Chemical Company markets and distributes concrete and masonry products and additives. uclidís products include concrete and masonry admixtures, curing and sealing compounds, epoxy adhesives and coatings, dry shake floor hardeners and toppings, cementitious and epoxy grouts, joint fillers and sealants, as well as a complete line of concrete repair and restorations materials. Euclid Chemical products are available from building material suppliers throughout the world.
Country: United States

Provides an integral waterproofing and corrosion resistant system for concrete construction. KNOW-HOW Concrete Technologies manufactures and supplies a range of innovative materials and systems for the construction industry which is constantly being expanded to meet the changing demands of the 21st century. Our team offer an enormous wealth of experience, technical ability, and professionalism gained from many years of direct involvement in the construction industry, and pride themselves on the implementation of our diverse knowledge and dedication to innovation for our clients. Coupled with the lateral thinking of our inter-active work force and through communication with our clients in discovering their true needs, enables us to bring forward ideas and suggestions that present optionís which in return can offer greater advantages to them.
Country: Australia

Offering chemicals for concrete construction, including structural epoxies, anchoring gels, bonding agents, sealers, hardeners, cure and seal compounds, form releases. Unitex: Solutions for the Repair and Protection of Concrete. Epoxy products, concrete form release, cures, sealers and hardener densifiers.
Country: United States