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Manufactures automation, controls and equipment for the asphalt and aggregate industries. SYSTEMS Equipment Corporation has been manufacturing a complete line of controls and control related components for the asphalt and aggregate industries. SYSTEMS Equipment prides itself on its knowledge of this industry's requirements and our ability to deliver a working product - No Excuses.
Country: United States

Manufacturer of concrete admixtures. Renolith concrete road comes into play the major role of saving the Earth due to the fact that this new technology utilizes the existing material as well as the recycled aggregate on the site location to its utmost advantages. No quarried aggregate is needed. Therefore, Renolith road construction system does not need to destroy the natural resources.
Country: Thailand

Supplies volcanic ash for use as a concrete additive and absorbent. Includes product list and specifications. Western Pozzolan Corp manufactures Lassenite-SR, a natural siliceous (amophous) mineral made from the layers of diatoms and volcanic tuffs of Northern California's Cascade range, and Absorbs-All, the only product of its kind made from natural pozzolan.
Country: United States

Supplies admixtures for both regular and lightweight concrete products. Supplies environmentally safe release agents. CPSI manufactures environmentally safe form release agents/admixtures for concrete producers. CPSI specializes in developing products that are fully biodegradable and provide safe and very pleasant working environments for concrete plant employees. All of our products are either water based, vegetable oil based or contain only highly refined solvents that are nonflammable, nontoxic and have no noxious fumes. None of our products contain diesel oil or any other carcinogen.
Country: United States