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Penatron Polyureas are versatile materials that can be hand-mixed, machine-applied, set up in minutes - even in sub-zero conditions - and still remain flexible when frozen. They are ideal solutions for a variety of applications, such as concrete repair and control joints. Penatron Polyureas stand above similar polyurethane and epoxy products. Traditional polyurethanes are formed by the reaction of an isocyanate (NCO molecules) with a hydroxyl group (OH). This reaction often creates the problems associated with polyurethanes, like moisture sensitivity, bubbling, brittleness, and the inability to cure in cold temperatures. Polyureas, however, use the polyurethane isocyanate, which is then reacted with an amine hardener. This reaction creates very long, complex, and unique molecules which are what make Penatron different and very special. For this reason, the best polyurea products are made with pure polyurea components and no urethane blends. ASTC Polymers has created advanced technology Polyurea Systems made with the highest grade available pure polyurea components that are very specific to the polyurea technology.
Country: United States

Produces compounds for hardening, waterproofing and repairing concrete floors. Based in India. *Our key post executives are trained with ISO 9000 . . . . . . *Committed for Uniform & World class quality . . . . . . *Our clientele comprising maximum ISO Certified Companies. . . . . *1st Indian Company which has launched unique quick Floor Repairing Products with out loss of production for existing industries . . . . . . *Quality product at most competitive & reasonable rate . . . . . *Varieties of quality Flooring Specialty Products and Construction Chemicals under one roof . . . . . . *Constant innovation, development & cost economy with total constructive attitude are our ethics . . . . . . *Prompt delivery & best services always . . . . . .
Country: India

Supplies concrete and wood sealers, acrylic coatings, steel coatings, curing agents, and paints. Cornerstone Coatings is a broad based corporation that is involved in all aspects of the Coatings Industry, from initial Formulations and Testing, to Manufacturing, to Sales and Applications. Our wholistic view of the coatings industry gives a unique and wide perspective not found with other manufacturers or product supply companies. Cornerstone Coatings is a sought out and in demand company because of it's advanced technology.
Country: Canada

Planning and installation of high-performance industrial flooring, coating and lining systems.Surface Technology, Inc. is an independent consultant, installer and materials provider for customized, high-performance flooring, coating and lining systems for industrial, commercial and institutional facilites and a proven leader providing resinous flooring solutions for surfacing challenges requiring impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.
Country: United States